In terms of choosing what to remodel in your house, the most common choices are the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and basement. 70% of the bathrooms that were remodeled in 2014 were bathrooms that were 11-20 years old. So if you have your bathroom for that long, it’s high time for a renovation. But why should you remodel your bathroom?

Why should you remodel your bathroom?

In AHR Design Solutions, a lot of our projects deal with bathroom remodeling so we do know the reasons why property owners want a newly remodeled bathroom. So if you’re wondering what part of your house to remodel, a bathroom might be the one. Here are a couple of reasons to remodel your bathroom.

You should remodel your bathroom if: You got broken fixtures and pipes

Through time, materials that make up our bathroom are prone to wearing out. Eroded pipes can lead to a leak. Angle valves connecting our sinks and toilet can break if not replaced for a very long time especially on hard water. Faucets can show the effects of corrosion which are not a welcoming sight.

Yeap. Most of these problems can be fixed by a simple plumbing job. However, a lot of property owners would want to be ahead for future problems thus remodeling is always an option. With remodeling, you don’t just get to fix the problems at hand but also upgrade the current materials you have while choosing a different design for your bathroom.

Remodeling can give you peace of mind for another 5-10 years before worrying about the state of your bathroom again.

Add additional features and functions

The world is constantly changing and along with it are improvements in technology and home design. Refusing to remodel your bathroom for a very long time means missing out on new ways of comfort and relaxation. Also, people with growing families often decide positively on bathroom remodeling. Loved ones moving in, getting a new baby, or kids growing up to be teens are just some of the reasons a new bathroom will be handy.

Some remodeling might be specific necessities such as to provide more accessibility for a handicapped family member. It might look like unnecessary upgrades but households who are always busy with their work and day-to-day activities invests in automatic bathroom fixtures. Flushing the toilet might take just seconds but those seconds multiplied are still valuable time. Automatic toilets don’t just give luxury, comfort, and time but also it’s hygienic and sustainable.

Why should you remodel your bathroom

A fresh look

This is actually the starting point for most clients who want to remodel any part of their house. They want a fresh look.

Every member of the family uses a bathroom and while it’s not something that all your visitors get to see, it is a room you’ll be judged for once they use it. It is also a room you use every day. Looking at the same walls and floors for the next 10 years can be very tiresome and can induce a feeling of being stagnant and life having no progress at all. So a little change with the design of your bathroom could have a positive effect on you. When something is new in our lives, it always gives us excitement. Bathroom designs also evolve through time — making them easier to clean and safer to use.

Efficiency: Water and Power Saving

Conserving water and energy may not be always the main reason why our clients would want to remodel their bathrooms but we do consider that when submitting proposals. We make sure to suggest to them ways that can lessen their water and electric consumption as a way of helping the environment through sustainable practices. There are water-saving fixtures and low-flow toilets that are available. Some old modeled bathrooms only have a bathtub, installing showers can force you to opt for a full bath only during the times you want to relax as it consumes more water than a regular shower.

When it comes to energy-saving systems, some strategies go from movement censors for the lighting or even just a simple addition of a window. It can improve exhaust and ventilation and can lower cooling and heating costs in all seasons.

We are hopeful that this article has helped you decide whether you need to remodel your bathroom or not. Are you also thinking if you need to remodel your kitchen? Read: “Should I renovate my kitchen?”

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