Revitalizing the look and feel of your kitchen is the aim of any remodel, and one of the major components that goes into finding the design that you are after, are functional and attractive cabinets.  There are a wide variety of cabinetry options out there and finding the one that best suits your needs and design path can be difficult, but the assistance of a professional designer will go a long way to having your aims realized fully.  By turning to the professional staff at AHR Design Solutions you can get the highest quality kitchen cabinets on the market, customized and installed by trained professionals, who will have your kitchen looking great when they are done!

With all of the kitchen cabinetry options out there, finding the ones that are right for you can certainly prove to be overwhelming.  When you call on our experienced staff we will make recommendations that suit your design direction, to provide you with the results that you are after.


Basement Remodeling Services in Monmouth County

Some kitchen cabinet options available include:

Face Frame Cabinets: Traditional style cabinets with framing that conceals the edges of the cabinets themselves.  Drawers are often flush and sometimes inset, and the hinges may or may not be visible with cabinets depending on the design.

European Cabinets / Frameless Cabinets:  Frameless cabinetry is an exceptional solution if you do not have a great amount of space to work with.  Hinges are hidden and the drawers mount inside of the cabinet itself.  Very little of the frame is visible in this option.

Glass Cabinets:  Glass cabinetry is an attractive option that adds to the perceived open space in your kitchen.  If you want your kitchen to feel larger and less claustrophobic, this is a great choice.

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