Remodeling your house to be more comfortable for senior living is a must for families who have elderly members. Many are thinking that such modifications are costly. In reality, senior family members are not really needing substantial assistance but more of improving their state of being self-sufficient.

Remodeling your house for retirees are actually more of improving safety and comfort rather than critical provision. However, with age, comes a different necessity. Depending on their current health, older adults at the age of 55+ may have conditions that can affect their physical and visual acuity. In this case, remodeling your home for senior living might be essential so they can be as self-reliant as possible without the risks of accidents.

Evaluate your Home

Before anything else, conducting a home assessment is needed during the planning stage. Observe what are the things around the house that your senior family members are using. Their everyday activities are what matters the most and getting their opinions are very useful. Most elderly people like to comment on things that are very physically challenging on their part so listing those is a good start. Basic tasks such as eating, sleeping, and taking a bath should also be the highlight of your remodeling plan. Evaluating your home in relation to their needs means pinpointing how to increase the functionality and comfort of your home.

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Top Renovation Suggestions for Senior Living Home Remodeling

  1. Wider Doorways – A spacious doorway are useful if ever there is a need of wheelchairs.
  2. Different Door Knobs – If your house has round doorknobs, elderly people might have trouble using them because of their weaker grip. Automatic doors are now on the market but are still pricey. The best cost-effective bet is to use lever-style doorknobs.
  3. Grab Bars – Grab bars are very useful not just in the bathroom but also in other places where your senior family members usually sits and stand up like their bedside or favorite sitting spots.
  4. Slip-resistant Floors – Slipping are much more dangerous to older individuals. Change your floors to materials with better traction such as linoleum and vinyl.
  5. Adjusting Kitchen Countertops – if you have senior family members on a wheelchair, it’s better to provide them lower countertops where they can provide food.

These are just some of the things that are often considered when accommodating a senior family member on your home. Your situation may be different otherwise. So if you are looking for someone to help you decide, design, and develop your home remodeling plans for your family. You can always send us a call!