Importance of renovation in Preserving the Heritage of Homes

Can renovation really help in preserving the heritage of homes? How important is it?

Our legacy is the only thing that will matter once we depart from this world. Others express theirs through stories. Some through blood by having sons and daughters as their legacy. And of course, others show it through art that will last for more than centuries. Home designs are not an exception to this concept of historical architecture and heritage.

You look at your house and might think that it is a modern spectacle. However, after years in the future, it would become the past and a new design will dominate the market and the very design of your house can be your legacy to your children or the next people who are going to stay in there.

According to the University of Toronto, there are at least 5 reasons why preserving our heritage is way more important than our initial thought:

  1. It preserves our Identity. Seeing these old architectures add character, beauty, and a sense of home and community. A reminder of the rich culture and history of civilization.
  2.  A wealth of heritage attracts a wealth of external …wealth. As much as public buildings can be a boost to tourism, a house that has a rich well-preserved heritage means it will have a higher value in the market.
  3. Heritage sites help the economy by providing labor through renovation.
  4. Heritage preservation through careful renovation discourages the waste of resources and excessive energy expended by the past generations. Modern materials and products are much more durable and consume less energy.
  5. Heritage preservation is a part of a greater cause. UNESCO is the living evidence of how important it is. Preserving the heritage of our offers economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Our Contribution: Master Suite and Bathroom

Owners of Old French Victorian home hired AHR Design Solutions, LLC to update and remodel an old master suite and its bathroom.

The concept of the bathroom was to create a spa-like oasis. Therefore, we managed to recreate the bathroom by building a large two-person shower that displays timelessness. It is also equipped with body sprays and heated floors. We’ve managed to deliver the functionality of a modern bathroom and not only that, but we also maintained the historical design of the house.

The Master Suite was built using custom architectural details. Through research and design, we were able to install windows, seats, cabinets, and other more furniture that would show the heritage of the house . Additionally, we also restored an existing fireplace mantle to accommodate a modern gas burning fireplace.

With a medium-toned wood floor and a stylishly graceful bed, the room was complete in elegance.

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As shown above, the renovation was a success. So if you have an old home and you’re thinking of just moving out, it would be wise to try and preserve its heritage first.

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