If you are interested in prepping, or preparing for disasters, you may have the perfect space in your home to help you get started. Preparing for any kind of disaster or emergency is something all homeowners need to seriously consider doing.

Even if the world were a rosy place to live, emergencies happen that can’t be avoided. When everyone thinks of basements and emergencies, tornadoes come to mind. But tornadoes aren’t the only thing you’ll need to prep for. Even if a superbug were to hit your area, you’d want some place to go if things got bad and the community starts breaking down.

Your basement could be very useful to you if you prep there. A space could be used for storing emergency needs, but also you can create an area for the people to just be which can serve for an every day use entertainment area when things are going good.

For your basement prep plan, set up at least one sofa with pull out bedding. You could possibly be stuck in the space a long time and having a place for someone sick or to take turns sleeping in comfort off a cold floor will be important.

Store plenty of food and water in your basement. Depending on your space available, you could store months of food in the basement area. Even if you don’t have to live down there for any length of time, having food and water storage is the #1 preparation for emergencies.

Store some medicines and plenty of first aid kit equipment. Don’t buy the rinky-dink first aid kits that have two band-aids, get something substantial with full bandages or just buy it all separately. You probably have a few things extra around the house to add for your prep, such as fingernail clippers, scissors, medicines, etc.

Store extra blankets. Add a few sheets for other purposes like stripping for bandages or a myriad of other cloth uses. Store two sets of clothing for each person, you’ll want to be able to layer clothing too if cold so choosing a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater, and a coat as one set of clothing is best.

Store some plastic, it doesn’t matter what shape or kind as long as it’s thick. Store some wire. Add some duct tape and a few other tools you may think you’ll need. Don’t forget a machete or some nice knives to work with. And for goodness sakes, you’ll need flashlights. Pack some candles away in your basement in case you need them, because batteries may not always work.

DON’T FORGET what some consider number 1 -toilet paper! Since you have a big old basement, you’ll have plenty of space for some luxuries like toilet paper and soap. You’ll also need a make-shift potty so be sure you have at least one bucket separated for this function (or you can find some nice port-a-potty’s out there for preppers.

All in all, you have a lot to think about when it comes to prepping for emergencies. There’s so many more things you could store in your basement, but making it into a make-shift prepping space is the better choice for you and your family.

When you need to hunker down in a storm, your basement is by far the best place to be. Storing what you need in such a case only makes sense, so use your extra space wisely and allow some room for prepping!

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