freehold-remodeling-contractorThe objectives of environmentally conscious remodeling projects are simple: limiting energy consumption and maximizing water conservation. There is perhaps no easier place within the home to accomplish these objectives than the bathroom. As such, when Monmouth County residents are thinking about remodeling their residential bathroom, it is the perfect opportunity to redesign their home in a more eco-friendly fashion.

The bathroom remodeling experts at AHR Design Solutions have the knowledge, skill, and design expertise to help you with all of your green bathroom remodeling needs. They have over twenty-six years of renovating and remodeling experience. With their help you can design a bathroom that looks great while improving your energy and water consumption practices. Your family will love the new look of their Monmouth County bathroom while you enjoy the monetary savings of lowered monthly utility bills.

Converse Water and Energy through Bathroom Remodeling

The two biggest consumers of water in your Monmouth County bathroom are your toilet and shower. Some estimates state that the bathroom toilet is responsible for over a quarter of the average household’s water consumption. The bathroom remodelers at AHR Design Solutions know two simple ways to reduce the water usage of these two essential devices.

As for the toilet, the simplest method to substantially reduce your water consumption is to install a dual flush toilet system. A dual flush toilet allows you to use variable volumes of water depending on the flushing need. Essentially, for lesser tasks, you have the option of using less water. For more substantial tasks, you have a higher volume option.

The experts at AHR Design Solutions can either install a new dual-flush system or they can update your current toilet via a simple modification. This one change to your Monmouth County bathroom can result in it using 17,000 fewer gallons of water per year.

As for your shower, installing a low-volume shower head can result in substantial savings. However, if you are one of those people that needs high pressure, max volume showers in the morning, you can install a shower head that has a shut off option. You can use this shut off option while applying soap and shampoo.

These options are just a few of the simplest ways to conserve water at your Monmouth County home. The bathroom remodelers at AHR Design Solutions can provide you with other great advice, such as installing a tankless water heater in order to lower energy consumption.

Use Recycled or Sustainably Sourced Materials

Because the environmentally friendly renovation movement has become so widespread, the various materials available can fit any look that you and your family may want. There are many eco-friendly material options from fully recycled, recycled content, and sustainably sourced and manufactured materials.

The design professionals at AHR Design Solutions can provide you with the pros and cons of each material as well as show you a wide number of samples. With their guidance, you and your family will love the look of your Monmouth County bathroom remodeling project, while enjoying the benefits of being environmentally conscious in its design.

If you are in need of green bathroom remodeling services in Monmouth County, call AHR Design Solutions at 732-290-1119, or fill out our online request form.