Mobile BarberShops: Bringing the scissors to you

Mobile barbershops are becoming useful and practical with the pandemic. This might still be news for you but barbers and hairstylists are bringing their services near you to lower the need of leaving homes. Which can really help in our effort of reducing covid-19 transmissions.

After this year, Covid-19 will make its anniversary since it reached US soil. The pandemic forced many Americans to minimize travel and even switch to working from home. With the help of technology, delivery apps were very useful in terms of getting necessities to our doorstep. Businesses had less problem bringing food and groceries to us. Online shopping became a thing this 2020 and Amazon got bigger because of it. However, it was the service-oriented necessities that were having a tough time bringing their business to the consumers.

Especially the personal care services. No matter how you look at it, grooming will always be a necessity even. As you can see, the world slowed down when the pandemic started but that doesn’t mean it stopped. People need to tend to their needs no matter what and we can’t just let a whole industry shut down. Lucky us, a lot of Americans are innovative enough to bring their workplace with them. The barbershops are one of the first ones to put it into operation.

A practical choice and A Luxury Experience

It’s a good invention to keep barbers earning but it’s also a way to offer clients a luxurious experience. A mobile barber owner in Indianapolis started to convert his 1994 Chevrolet Winnebago into a traveling barbershop and now have stopovers in different streets to cut hair. For someone who has been cutting hair for 18 years, his mobile barbershop is his greatest investment for a profession that he is passionate about.

Additionally, his vehicle has a bathroom installed, a hot towel warmer, and 2 flat-screen TVs along with other amenities. You even get a cigar or a beer and a cocktail on a full-service package. It’s something that you wouldn’t even get in your regular barbershop.

For those with the same entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for grooming and hairstyling services, mobile barbershops might be a smart way to start securing your future in the industry. And for those who already own a barbershop but is not earning well during these challenging times, transitioning into mobile barbershops might be a good thing since innovations like these are awesome with or without a pandemic.

Remodeling a vehicle for mobile barbershops

If you got a vehicle that you want to remodel, AHR Design Solutions is not just great at designing and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. We can also transform your vehicle into a barbershop in no time. Don’t hesitate to ask us some questions. You can send us a chat on the bottom right of the screen.  

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