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Bathroom Remodeling MiddletownAHR Design Solutions is the premier remodeling contractor in Middletown. We provide a comprehensive list of services that help with every aspect of remodeling from your kitchen and bathroom to your basement. Our star services is helping customers with custom design plans for their remodeling projects because the best made renovations start with a custom design that incorporates every aspect you wish to add. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure no hidden costs pop up and to make sure every specific need is met. Don’t hesitate to call AHR Design Solutions┬átoday to set up a consultation appointment so we can start planning today.

Kitchen Remodeling in Middletown

The kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms in a house. It’s an important room to transform into a comfortable space that you can easily navigate whether just grabbing a snack from your refrigerator or cooking large meals for your family during holidays. They level of customization you can achieve in your kitchen is astounding. You can install new counters, flooring and cabinetry to give you better space but the recent advances of technology used for modern appliances is astounding. You can install ovens and stoves that use way less energy that those made ten years about and they are still as efficient, if not more. Call 732-290-1119 today to discuss your Middletown kitchen remodeling options.

Middletown Basement Remodeling

Did you know that not all basements are dark, dank glorified storage rooms only visited when the weather is rough? In fact, we can help you transform your basement from an unfinished room to a massively comfortable family room or entertainment center. Some people even choose to furnish their basements as a secondary apartment complete with bathroom and kitchen. The basement is probably the most underutilized room in your house. With the help of our professional basement remodeling team in Middletown, you can have extra space to use as you see fit.

If you need a professional remodeling contractor in Middletown, please call us at 732-290-1119 or complete our online request form.


Middletown, NJ

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