Budgeting: How much to remodel your bathroom

How much to remodel your bathroom? When it comes to remodeling, money will always be a concern. Believe it or not, even millionaires talk about money when it comes to remodeling. Except their questions would rather be “how much should I spent on remodeling my bathroom?”.

So how much does it really cost? If you’re looking for a quick and accurate answer because you have a plan to renovate your bathroom then just go to our free virtual consultation. Don’t worry! It’s free and you’ll get a better idea of budgeting your remodeling. If you are saving for a remodel and would want to tally your finances basing on the size and features of your bathroom then here are some useful information.

Depending on a lot of factors, bathroom remodeling would cost from around $2,500 to $25,000. Large master bathrooms with intricate designs and high-end features would even exceed $50,000. Correspondingly, the national average for a full bathroom remodel is $16,128. But the average cost doesn’t mean your bathroom would end up that costly. In some areas, you can have your main bathroom of 5 by 7 feet remodeled for at least $5,000. That’s already complete with new tiles, tub, toilet, floors, and all that can increase your property’s resale value.

Factors that can affect your remodeling Costs

Depending on your contractor and the area you live in, labor will run from 40% to 65% of the cost. High real estate value areas will require higher wages so it is up to you to find a contractor that holds your best interest. Material costs, on the other hand, don’t really change so it’s up to you to choose what kind of materials you wanna use.

So what are the factors that can affect the overall cost of your project?

Room Size. This is self-explanatory. The bigger the bathroom, the more area we have to cover– more tiles, more paint, more expenses.

Area pricing difference. Expect to be paying more when living in high-value real estate areas.

Materials. Quality materials usually have a higher price.

Changing floor plans. It’s more expensive if you are expanding your bathroom, adding a shower, or a bigger bathtub.

These are the significant things that can affect your budget. It would be wiser to get yourself a contractor that would make an optimized plan for both design and budget. AHR Design Solutions can surely do that.

If you have plans on remodeling your bathroom or any part of your house, don’t hesitate to click here and ask for a quote! You can also visit our portfolio on HOUZZ. Here are some photos of one of our bathroom remodeling projects: