Can you proceed with home remodeling without a permit?

Home remodeling without a permit is a legit concern for a lot of property owners planning about remodeling their house. Reasonably, small or minor renovations do not necessarily require a permit from your local municipality or local building department. Some of these are like restoring floors, changing countertops, adding a crown molding, and others. However, major renovation projects would, later on, require you to get a permit. Depending on where you are located, projects like home additions or structural changes such as building a deck. Consequently, a few renovations that require electrical services would also require you to get a permit — like HVAC system overhauls.

Then again, if you know how the system works, you know that getting a permit can also be tedious and expensive. Some locations have flat frees for permits and imagine if you’re improving your property one at a time.

If you try to remodel your home without a permit and decides to sell it in the future, you’re gonna have a hard time. You will need to hide your upgrades when a property assessor comes to check your home.

Also, permits are not just paperwork. If you got bad renovations that resulted in damages. A remodeling permit can be used for homeowners insurances. Let us say you don’t have one and they found out of the illegal renovations. Such dishonest decisions can easily remove you from their beneficial roster.

Reliable contractor

Clearly, all of us don’t like extra paperwork and paying extra for approval to improve the property that we own. Yet, there is actually a good reason for it and it can protect you and your property in the long run.

A reliable and honest contractor will never advise you to skip a permit if the project really needs it.

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