Handicap bathroom: safety for people with disabilities

The importance of independent living is vital for people with handicap even if it’s just as simple as going to a bathroom. It is where they regain their self-esteem as individuals. When they become independent, our society looks at them differently than we usually do. That as a matter of fact, they are just like us. They only have special needs. This is a form of disability empowerment. When handicapped people achieve that certain autonomy in their life, it gives them a sense of pride and freedom. The power of being in control of their lives.

AHR Design Solutions is an advocate for Accessible Designs: exterior and interior design that feature inclusivity for people with disabilities. As a result, we support and always make an effort to accommodate these project requests. Therefore, as professionals, we get knowledgeable people who can point us in the right direction. And we continuously learn with them how to make every corner of a house accessible to people with disabilities.

The Project

One of our latest home remodeling project is a handicap bathroom for a family in Matawan, New Jersey. Following a conventional design for handicapped bathrooms, we were able to finish the project on schedule.

Here is how the bathroom before the remodeling:

After everything was set. We then worked immediately.

Here are photos of the newly remodeled bathroom that has features of being accessible for a handicapped family member.

Grab bars and removable shower heads are some of the most common added hardware. They can give stability to handicapped individuals. Investing in motion sensors are also helpful and would lessen the hassle of reaching light switches. Adjusting the height of the toilet and sinks can also be beneficial.

If you want to see more pictures of the bathroom remodeling job, Get a look at our HOUZZ account.

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