Little Silver bathroom remodeling projectThe type of floor that you install in your bathroom is going to make up a majority of your bathroom’s appearance. It’s crucial that you pick choose the right flooring option to compliment your bathroom designs.

When you are choosing a bathroom floor type, there are several different things you are going to want to consider including what type of floor is going to match your style and what type of floor is going to be more practical. A bathroom is a high moisture area, and there are only certain types of floors that will work in this type of environment.

One of the most popular types of bathroom flooring options for a Little Silver bathroom remodeling project includes bathroom tiles. Tile is a manufactured piece of material that comes in an assortment of different styles. It is most commonly used for floors, but it can also be added along walls, in showers or as a countertop. For a uniform look, you can use the same bathroom tile throughout your entire Little Silver bathroom remodeling project.

There are a number of different bathroom tiles that can be used during your bathroom renovations.

Vinyl Tiles – Vinyl tile is one of the most popular types of bathroom flooring because it has a high practicality aspect, and it is low in cost. It works great in a high moisture area, and it won’t cause you to slip in the event that it becomes wet. It is available in different color and pattern options. It is also easily installed.

Ceramic Tiles – Another a low maintenance option for bathroom tile is ceramic tiles. This type of bathroom tile is in high demand, and you can increase the entire value of your home by installing it in your bathroom. They come in a variety of different styles including wood lookalikes, stone options and bright colors with different pattern choices.

Porcelain Tiles – Very similar to ceramic tile, porcelain tile can be a great floor option. It is harder than most clay-based tiles, and it also comes in a variety of different colors.  Porcelain is a stronger material that will stand up to chipping better than most bathroom tiles, and it can also more water resistant than most flooring options. It can be installed with a high grade of flooring glaze that will help your tile resist wear and scratches.

Stone Tiles – In the past stone tiles were only installed in the foyer of a home or the entrance area of a home. However, they are now in such high demand that they are being installed in several different rooms in a house including the bathroom. Stone tile can give your bathroom a more natural appearance. These tiles can be made from limestone, marble, granite and slate. They can dramatically increase the resale value of your home.

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