Basement Finishing in New Jersey: Major Things to Consider

If you live in New Jersey, basement finishing is a very good investment for your home. In the United States, finishing a basement can give you a return on your investments for as much as 75%. It has the potential to significantly increase the value of your property. Additionally, there is no way to calculate how practical the considerable amount of usable living space you can use. However, remodeling your basement would also need additional consideration compared to other parts of your home.

So here are some noteworthy things to consider before and after finishing your basement.

flooded basement finishing in new jersey
Flooded Finished Basement

1. Moisture and Leaks

Basements tend to take on water because they are built below. In order for your basement to be fully useable in any kind of weather, such as heavy snow and rainfall, proper waterproofing is a must. Leaks can come from a lot of sources, even on your pipes passing through your foundation. Your contractor will recommend installing a dehumidifier provided that vapor retardants are installed between walls and floor slabs. Also, you should make sure to have a good drainage system that keeps away water from the foundation of your house.

Get a contractor to ensure that your basement is equipped with the right materials in order to avoid accidents and flooding in your basement.

2. Stairs and safety

Another important thing to focus on is the stairwell to your basement. Over 1 Million injuries occur each year as a result of stairway falls — basements are no exception. Make sure that your stairs are wide enough to give enough clearance. Likewise, stair angle and slope specifications are important. Your contractor will make sure that your stairs are up to code. Of course, rails, grab bars, and a rough surface to make your stairs less slippery should be a necessity.

3. Basement Lighting

Your basement should be well-lit no matter what kind of room you are planning. For this reason, consider other light sources such as a window or two. Hopper windows can be a good source of light. Getting a contractor will ensure that your walls can hold additional structural load before adding a window or even a door.

4. Emergency exits

Planning for emergencies is always a must and having an escape route is what your basement needs. An egress window that’s big enough for firefighters in full gear can slide in will suffice. A cellar door can also be a much safer way during fires when the main door is obstructed. These emergency exits are what occupants can use to escape during disasters inside the house. These windows and doors would also need additional sealing to avoid moisture and leaks.

5. VEntilation

Your home heating, ventilation, or airconditioning systems might only be applicable for upper-based rooms. Check on your HVAC contractor if your equipment can be sufficient to serve basement requirements. Otherwise, you might reduce the lifespan of your overall system.

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