5 Ways to Upgrade your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways to upgrade your outdated kitchen cabinets. We get it! You don’t want a complete remodel of your kitchen. Nevertheless, those old cabinets gotta go. Cabinets actually has a huge contribution when it comes to the overall look of your kitchen. When planning the design of a kitchen, their aesthetics cannot be ignored. Especially that they should complement with everything else present in the room.

But, don’t replace them yet. You don’t really need to buy yourself new kitchen cabinets. For a portion of the cost of buying a new one, you can actually upgrade your current cabinets and give a whole new look and functionality to your kitchen.

There are a lot of ways of improving your current cabinets, here are 5.

1. Under Cabinet Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of just installing light fixtures under your cabinet. These lights would combat the shadows that are created by your ceiling lights. It will give the whole room the ambient glow it needs. It also gives you illumination when you’re preparing food in the kitchen. This improvement is not just aesthetic but practical as well.

5 ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets - under cabinet light

2. replace boring hardware

You will be amazed how just changing the little things, such as cabinet knobs and pulls, can improve the overall look of your kitchen. Look for some cheap but quality handles in your local hardware store. Try to complement its colors and style to your fixtures such as to your sink and faucet. With the right size and dimension, you wouldn’t even need to drill additional holes.

5 ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets - cabinet handles

3. panels and texture

Beautify your kitchen cabinets by replacing adding definition and more texture to them. A beadboard is a good material to decorate the doors of your cabinets before painting them rather than leaving them plain and boring.

4. drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are very useful. It won’t just help you organize your utensils and wares but also make every drawer look cleaner. We suggest using wood dividers as they wood look better in most drawers.

5. Open shelves

If you want a more modern looking kitchen, filling it with overhead wall mounted cabinets is monotonous. As they say, unnecessary repetition makes everything dull. That is why nobody likes to do chores. Open shelving can break the ice, especially if you have gorgeous looking wares. Combining wall cabinets and open shelves won’t just add the necessary storage but it will also give you the opportunity to display objects.

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