Bathroom remodeling ideas that you can use for your home

Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? It’s best when you are involved in the process of changing the design of your bathroom. Getting a home remodeler is a good move if you want to make everything easy. They have been to a lot of bathrooms and they’ve seen it all. Their taste in aesthetics and overall judgment is impeccable when it comes to bathroom remodeling. So if you want to remodel your bathroom and you want a remodeler to spearhead the process, you don’t need to search around the internet for ideas — you only need to get a free consultation from us. Click here if you want to try it.

However, we’ve also known that a lot of our clients want a design that speaks to them. Something they can call their own. And getting a home remodeling designer is just as great as a guide to tell them whether the plan is achievable or not. You have the vision, and we as home remodelers will help you make that vision into reality. So here are 5 bathroom remodeling ideas that you might consider when planning your dream bathroom. Some of them might complement what you have envisioned.

good Flooring

Lots of bathroom floors are dull. White tiles and that’s it. If you’re planning on how your bathroom should look then never forget about floors. Square or diamond floors are too common nowadays so try to deviate from that tradition. More importantly, ask your contractor what materials are available and what’s the advantages of each material.

Ceramic tiles are the most common but based on the overall look of your bathroom, you can choose from concrete, marble, cork or even vinyl wood panels. Here are some modern-looking bathroom floors that you can get an idea from.

Separated Bathtub

A more modern and cleaner approach to bathtubs is to remove them from the tiles that surrounds them. If you’re planning your bathroom layout and you’ve got the space, try considering installing your bathtub as a centerpiece of your bathroom. It does not only give a cleaner look but also a luxurious one.

Floating storage

Having storage for your bathroom is essential but the common countertops that look similar to what you have in your kitchen just won’t cut to what your bathroom should look like. A slightly raised vanity will make your bathroom look bigger and more modern. The space below can be left empty or be used for objects that will be used often such as a trash can or steps for kids. Don’t worry, we will recommend this as well when you get us to design your bathroom.


Yeap. You got it right! Colors are everything when it comes to the bathroom. Don’t just agree with the common off-white, white, and black bathrooms. Bathrooms are supposed to be rooms for relaxation hence they should be visually pleasing. Colors don’t have to be expensive either. Nowadays, there are several materials to choose from with a wide variety of colors.

DOuble vanity mirrors

This is for those who have a spacious countertop just like the first photo below. When you have this much room, adding objects to it is a bad decision. The figurines or essential bathroom paraphernalia would look like clutter. Leaving it empty is not wise either. What you can do is to add another sink and separate the mirrors. An additional sink means two individuals can use it at the same time for their teeth or washing their faces

We are hopeful that this article has helped you decide on designing the bathroom you want to remodel. Are you also thinking if you need to remodel your kitchen? Read: “Should I renovate my kitchen?”

If you have plans on remodeling your kitchen or any part of your house, don’t hesitate to click here and ask for a quote! You can also visit our portfolio on HOUZZ. Here are some photos of one of our bathroom remodeling projects: