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old bridge remodeling contractorAs an Old Bridge Township homeowner, you probably take great pride in the community and in your home. Community development, raising our children, and enjoying the wonderful parks in the area are the reasons why so many find this such a beautiful place to live and work.

With decades worth of remodeling industry experience locally, AHR Design Solutions, LLC is a full-service home design and remodeling company serving the Old Bridge, New Jersey area. We take great pride in our local communities like Old Bridge and do everything we can to help homeowners beautify their homes.

We provide quality craftsmanship, first-rate customer service, and are committed to our customers in every way possible. As a family-owned and operated business, we specialize in interior and exterior remodeling and home-improvement services.

We are available for any questions or concerns you may have about your Old Bridge remodeling projects and offer our customers the highest possible standards of workmanship from concept to completion. We also offer a full line of handyman service for those home repairs that you can’t or don’t want to do. Whether we are just repainting or we are adding on a home addition, you will have a dedicated team ready to help you achieve your home improvement goals.

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Old Bridge Kitchen Remodeling

When you’re choosing the materials for your kitchen remodeling design in Old Bridge, there are a few key factors to consider before starting the plan. The appearance, durability, and up-keep involved for the kitchen countertops and flooring is one thing to keep in mind. You’ll need to choose a great design with durability as a chief concern when it comes to nearly every surface in your kitchen. You and your family will be using the kitchen daily in one form or another, so you’ll also need to design the kitchen so you have enough storage space and a good layout that functions well.

The countertops can be made of any type of material that is suitable for you and your family. There are beautiful countertops in laminate, granite, quartz, engineered quartz, stainless steel, marble, and a score of other options. This is the time to get creative and make decisions. If you need help with the kitchen remodeling design and construction, our experienced team at AHR Design Solutions, LLC would love to help. Let’s talk about all the beautiful designs you’ve been dreaming about for your home. We’d love to help you come up with the right solutions today.

Remodeling Your Bathroom In Old Bridge

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the idea is to update the space and create a new design. Getting rid of the old tub and shower, replacing the floors, and revamping the paint will bring about a lot of change that adds value and personal enjoyment to your home.

From finding the best bathroom fixtures to working with you on the perfect bathroom design ideas, you need an Old Bridge remodeling expert to bring their skill to the project. Remodeling a bathroom takes time and can be very intrusive upon your daily life. It is our goal at AHR Design Solutions, LLC to help you through the project all the way to the finishing touches as quickly as possible. You can count on our quality craftsmanship, expert design assistance, and quality products for any type of home remodeling project you need to do.

Basement Remodeling & Finishing Service

If you have an unfinished basement in your Old Bridge home, you can make the most out of the space with our basement remodeling service. Our design and build specialists can help you come up with the perfect solution for all that extra space. As of now, this area of your home is an afterthought. After our basement remodeling service, it can be transformed into a vibrant living space that all of your family can enjoy. With the help of our remodeling contractors, you can custom design your basement to fulfill virtually any need.

Old Bridge, NJ


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